The Behavioral Health Billing Specialists

About us


ABH, Inc. is owned and managed by Lynne C Hatter, CMM, a Certified Medical Manager  with over 25 years hands-on experience in all aspects of behavioral health practice management and billing.   


ABH, Inc. is a local Washington company with a staff of 5 billing specialists dedicated to serving the needs of our clients, their patients, the behavioral health industry and our community.


Because our focus is behavioral health billing, we have knowledgeable billing specialists who take the guesswork out of getting paid. We specialize in billing for psychiatric/medical evaluation and management, psychotherapy, psychological testing, neuropsychological testing, BioPsychoSocial assessment/intervention, and geropsychiatric services.  We serve MDs, ARNPs, PhDs, PsyDs, and MAs - in the office, nursing home, out-patient and hospital setting. We have experience working managed care companies and stay up-to-date with the latest coding changes and government regulations.


We know Washington behavioral health, inside and out.  It’s all we do.


Start calling medical billing services that you find in the Yellow Pages. First, you will find that many of the numbers are not in service anymore. Then, you will find that many of the services are reluctant to do behavioral health billing. Further, if they are interested in working with you they may charge higher fees or have a monthly minimum.


Why is that?  Because most billing services believe that there is little profit in working with the behavioral health practitioner.  Simply put, they believe that behavioral health does not command the high dollar volume that other specialties do and thus there is no incentive take on behavioral health billing.  More importantly, behavioral health has different diagnostic and procedural coding issues and work with different insurance carriers and separate benefits.   Most companies are not willing to devote the time and money in training for such a small specialty.


What does ABH, Inc. believe?


We believe that by specializing exclusively in psychiatry, psychology and neuropsychology we can focus our energy in staying current in our field and by staying small we can work closely with, get to know and serve our clients in a way a big company can’t and won’t.  We believe in technology that makes sense and meets the needs of our client base. 


The solo behavioral health practitioner is alone is a sea of managed care.  The pressure to join groups continues, but those groups are under enormous pressure to become and stay profitable.  ABH, Inc. believes that the solo behavioral health practice remains viable, but needs support to stay focused on patient care, marketing and nurturing a referral base.


We are here to provide that support.

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